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5450 Weiss Rd, Frankenmuth, MI 48734       Email: weisscentennialfarm@hotmail.com
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Public Dairy Farm Tours (suspended during Covid)
   We invite you to visit us at the dairy farm! Farm chores are routine: every day we feed our baby calves, spread straw in hutches, stock hay and fill water buckets. Depending upon the season, we are planting fields, gathering forages for cows, harvesting crops, or planning ahead for springtime.
21st century dairy farmers utilize amazing technologies!  In 2011 we installed a milking robot, “Johann LELY,” who is on the job 24/7 milking cows. 

Schools, Bus tours, and other Groups:  To schedule a Dairy Farm Tour  
please make an appointment with us at least two weeks in advance.
1 hour tour, 15 people minimum tour size.

Family tours: Call to schedule a visit. Currently unavailable due to Covid-19.  Please, call for updated information.  We are sorry we cannot do tours at this time.
Spring on the Farm 2021 Activity Tours
      Our hands-on farm activities are designed to highlight Michigan Model K-12 objectives on a 21st century farm. Explore life cycles of crops like corn, insects, and cows, calculate how many kernels are on a corn cob, check out lots of crop seeds, identify the fruit trees in our family orchard, fill a plate with good food choices, hunt for good and bad bugs.

We customize your class trip to the farm.  You choose two or three activities for your students to do.  All tours include a dairy farm visit, dairy snack, and  a take-home project for each participant.

Most of our school tours are $7/person for 2 hours of activities. 
 You may eat lunch here if you wish.  September, October, April, May, June
Oma's Farm Haus Baking and Cooking Adventures
   Our Farm Haus is your Fun Haus!  
*Guten Appetit! While on a baking adventure, we share stories about how farmers grow crops like wheat for Nightingale flour, beets for sugar, and of course, how dairy farmers produce fresh milk.                                             * Say Cheese! * Springtime and Easter * Winter and Christmas * Autumn and New World Old World Foods *                  Twisted Story of Pretzels * Sweet Story of Chocolate * YeeHaw! Country Time Fun * 
Crafts Galore * More Classes added all the time!  Call to schedule FUN for your kids and all kids at heart!

Our Farm Haus accommodates up to thirty guests.  Most adventures are $7-10/person 
                    Some classes can be presented in classrooms and other places.
Five acres of corn stalks,
Two and a half miles of trails,
Three mazes to conquer,
You’re going to have an a-maze-ing fun time!

It’s not just a walk in the stalks, it’s an Ag-venture for everyone! Our corn maze has three observation bridges, a mystery, a treasure hunt, and plenty of twists and turns to challenge you.

Open September and October from 7 pm - 10 pm on Friday, Noon - 10 pm on Saturday and on Sunday at Noon-7pm. Be sure to bring a flashlight if you are visiting at night!

$8/person for groups of 15 or more. 
Groups are welcome seven days a week. 
Call at least one week in advance to receive group pricing.  
Gingerbread Haus Creations 2020
People have enjoyed gingerbread at Christmas for centuries.  The Grimm Brothers' Hansel and Gretel fairy tale is about a Haus made of sugary treats.  Discover lots of sweet trivia  while making your own Gingerbread Haus for a luscious centerpiece this Christmas!

 Pricing: $17/person for Haus, decorations, frosting, and a delicious snack. 2 hour class.  Groups of 10 or more.
A new design every year, including a mini-maze for 
school groups featuring American agriculture.