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Culinary Heritage: A New World Feast
Fee: $9 per person 
What is the Columbian Exchange? Corn, pumpkins, tomatoes, and potatoes are New World foods. 500 years ago they were unknown to Europeans! Ever wonder how people used to eat these foods? Why did pumpkin pie become a Thanksgiving tradition? Where do pie spices come from? Make a pie crust and fill it with yummy pumpkin in this hands-on, tasty, living history class.  

Culinary Heritage: The Sweet Tale of a Gingerbread Haus
Fee: $17 per person  
People have eaten gingerbread for thousands of years. Egyptians, Russians, and, of course, Germans.  The Grimm brother’s fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel, had people dreaming about gingerbread houses more than 200 years ago! Learn delicious trivia while making your own Candy Haus. It will be a sweet centerpiece during your holidays! 

Ein frohes Fest! German Heritage Joyous Holiday Party
Fee: $9 per person 
Fröhliche Weihnachten! Prosit Neujahr!  Come join in the fun of a traditional German holiday celebration. Our time together will be your most memorable St. Nicholas/Christmas party of the season! 

Culinary Heritage: The Twisted History of Pretzels
Fee: $7 per person 
Guten Apetit!  A favorite German food: the number one answer is pretzel! Why are pretzels carved on the walls of some churches? Who invented this delectable snack? Enjoy hands-on history as you make pretzels using our sesquicentennial farm recipe. 

Culinary Heritage: The Sweet Mysteries of Chocolate
Fee: $9 per person 
Where is chocolate grown? How is it made? How does it affect the global economy? You’ll gain a whole new perspective on this unique bean as we explore the world of chocolate! What other gift says LOVE so sweetly? Make delicious chocolate treats using our sesquicentennial farm’s candy recipes. 

Culinary Heritage: Say Cheese!
Fee: $9 per person 
Did you know there are more than 100 kinds of cheese in the world? We are going to sample lots of them in this class. Learn how to make a cheese tray for your friends to enjoy. What other foods pair well with cheeses? Enjoy delicious macaroni & cheese! 

Culinary Heritage: Quick Breads
Fee: $9 per person 
Did you know bread is called the “staff of life”? Bread making is an art. You will make two kinds of bread in this class. *This is not a gluten-free class. 

German Princesses and Fairy Tales
Fee: $9 per person 
Germany has legendary castles, thrilling tales of royalty (and a few pirates!), and the famous fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. Did you know Cinderella’s castle at Disney World was inspired by a German castle? This class is for modern-day princesses, as well as a look at Germany’s real royalty. Guests are welcome to dress in a princess or lady-in-waiting- costume. 

Culinary Heritage: Deliciousness is Springing up Everywhere!
Fee: $9 per person  
PureMI fruits and veggies: as spring and summer come, there’s so much to enjoy! Salads, Desserts, Smoothies, and more: let’s create a recipe book full of scrumptious recipes to take us through the summertime. And, of course, we’re going to make the recipes in this class. Your taste buds will spring with joy!  

Frankenmuth Corn Maze at Weiss Centennial Farm hosts A-MAZE-ING Girl Scouts 
Fee: $8 per person (maze, hayride, farm tour for each participant)
Sept 25-Nov 2, 2019 and Sept 25 – Oct 31, 2020 Group reservations any day of the week
One gigantic corn field, two miles of twisted trails, three awesome bridges, four a-maze-ing puzzles!

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